Saturday 2nd May 2020: 8 of Rods

The last time the Eight of Rods appeared was back in September when I was in the middle of a chess tournament. At that time I wrote that,

the wands are all flying through the air in the same direction (unlike the unruly Five of Wands for example) over a pleasant and fertile landscape. They are dipping now and heading towards the earth, suggesting that an opportunity that is available to us now will soon be over. One interpretation of this card is that it is calling upon us to “seize the day” – “carpe diem” or to strike while the iron is hot.

Monday 23rd September 2019

Today there seems like so much that needs to be seized – so many rods flying through the air; and Saturn sits over everything reminding us of the time limits that are closing in on getting everything done. The heaviness of my natal Saturn-in-Capricorn returning to Capricorn (sidereally speaking, that is where Saturn still is at present) seems to bear down on the flying rods – yet catch them and run with them I must!

For more information about natal Saturn in Capricorn see:

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