Saturday 29th February 2020: 9 of Pentacles

Where is it that we wish the effort of yesterday’s Eight of Pentacles to lead? Here in the Nine of Pentacles it is almost as if we are being called upon to visualize our ideal future state. The falcon is hooded, and its wealthy owner is secluded in a garden, which suggests that the focus is not on immediate targets but either on enjoying what one already has, or of visualizing what it is that one wishes to have or be. The Nine of Pentacles, or the Lord of Material Gain, is ruled by Venus in Virgo, which some find odd as Venus is not well placed in busy Virgo. However, Ellen Goldberg is prescient on this point (as on many others) when she says,

esoterically, Venus in Virgo is the goddess providing for all of her children because Venus is love and Virgo is the harvest.

If, as I do, you feel the need for quiet seclusion today, to be as secluded as the figure in the Nine of Pentacles, and perhaps feel more of Saturn’s weight on the day than the ample sense of abunadance suggested by this arcana, check out what Anna has to say about the potential danger suggested by the hooded falcon:

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