Saturday 28th September 2019: Knight of Cups

A week which has been dominated by the fiery energy of the suit of rods, and presided over by the upper arcana of (14) Temperance, comes to an end with the questing Knight of Cups, whose fiery element is moderated, or tempered, by the watery element of his suit, just as the watery element of the Queen of Rods is tempered by the fiery element of her suit.

What is our Knight of Cups questing after? Whatever it may be in your case, it lies in the fourth quarter of the year which begins in the coming week and it seems to me that that is where the Knight of Cups has set his gaze. What were your goals or ambitions for the year? I suggest that now would be a good time to assess how much progress you have made, and get ready to press forward in the final quarter of the year.

14th Week After Trinity 2019

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