Saturday 27th November 2021: (0) Fool

The Saturday Fool reveals us to be under the influence of Uranus in Aquarius modified by the influence of Saturn, the presiding deity for today.

Uranus is a force for freedom and the disruption that arises from the urge to tear up old patterns and seek new opportunities or experiences.

When Uranus is in Aquarius the rebellious and freedom loving tendencies become sharply pronounced, though the airy quality of the sign may make you seem to have your “head in the clouds” as you open yourself up to new ideas for yourself, your community, or society at large – dreams of new technologies or ways of doing things may predominate.

The Potential – And Risk – Of Saturn

This being his day, seeking the influence of Saturn to define and focus the freedom-loving instincts of Uranus in Aquarius may be helpful, if the sidereal location is favourable. Without the discipline of Saturn, our Fool with his eyes on the skies may indeed take a tumble over the cliff, but if Saturn’s hand is too leaden a great deal of constriction and frustration may result, so take care when appealing to Saturn.

The Fool As The Child Of Apollo

It should not be forgotten either that the (0) Fool is a child of Apollo. He wears his crown of bays and walks in the solar light of Love, though he does not as yet pay attention to what it reveals though it is the desire to seek the light that operates as an inchoate impulse in him no matter in what archetypal form he manifests as throughout the ages.

For our purposes, however, when confronted by the Saturday Fool, it is meet that we consider what it means for us today to be personally under the influence of Uranus in Aquarius, modified by Saturn. We might also consider the location of Uranus, Saturn, and the Sun on our sidereal birthchart, and also see if we have any planets in Aquarius.

Finally, let us also cast our gaze into the sky, like the Fool, but if possible, with a little more discretion, to see which signs those planets are currently transiting.

That process will enable us to engage firstly in a direct interpretation of the arcana itself as it relates to us and to the previous arcanae of the week; secondly, in considering the implications for us of Uranus in Aquarius and how to appeal to Saturn to modify or control the ararchic urges of that alignment. Thirdly, we can consider what those planets and signs signify for the pattern of our life. Finally, by looking to the sky we can seek further information as to how we may be able to moderate, intensify, balance, and apply what we have discovered to our lives in the world we live in, here and now.

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