Saturday 19th September 2020: Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords, the “Liberator of the Mind,” calls us back to a state of clarity. Her sword will cut through uncertainties and frustrations, or find a way to work around or reschedule or set aside what cannot be concluded today in order to keep us moving forward with whatever can keep us progressing towards our goal. As Henry Ho points out, the Queen of Swords is the “watery part of air” that finds its place in Virgo, ruled by Mercury, and Libra:

Virgo ruled by Mercury gives her the ability to memorize and observe phenomena accurately; Libra then brings order to the knowledge and gives it form.

Henry Ho, Tarot and the Path of Initiation, p. 208

The Queen of Swords and the Kabbalah

In the Kabbalah, queens find their place at the third sepiroth, Binah, which represents female potency, the great sea or womb which receives power from the masculine Chochmah and shapes it and gives it form. Binah is found at the top of the pillar of severity and is ruled by Saturn, the governor of time.

It is in this sense that we should contemplate the Queen of Swords when she appears on a Saturday, for the influence of Saturn is emphasised. What, then, are the time constraints and limits of those things that we seek, through intellectual struggle, to bring to life? Is there a deadline you need to meet for a specific project, paper, book or essay that you are working on? If so, buckle down and apply the creative intellectual energy of the Queen of Swords to get it done in good time – or suffer the consequences.

Weekly Roundup


Why am I able to use my intellect to gain insight into and work through challenges, to them done in good time?

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