Saturday 18th January 2020: (3) Empress

As I wrote back in March 2019, the last time the (3) Empress showed up at the end of the week, it is an excellent arcana to end the week on, this the first weekend of spring. As Dr. Elliot Adam says in the video,

Whenever the Empress shows up in a reading she is usually indicating the return of abundance, or also the return of love; not just love in relationships but also in the sense of being incorporated in your life, and what you are doing and also towards yourself.

Yet the abundance and fecundity offered by the (3) Empress is disciplined and defined on a Saturday by Saturn. Saturn rules over the end of the week, just as he is the last of the visible planets in the sky. While Saturday is ruled by Saturn, the (3) Empress is ruled by Venus so what we have today is a kind of conjunction between those two gods or planets.

Commenting on the relationship of Saturn and Venus back in September 2019, Athen Chimenti had this to say:

It could be a good day for maybe challenging ourselves with our values, with our relationships and our enjoyments; a good time to see how we can work within our limitations there and really enjoy things for the long term; you know, what is the more patient and responsible approach with those Venutian matters.

Athen Chimenti,

Weekly Round Up

This has been another very positive week with lots of grounded energy spiced with some festive play through highly positive lower arcana, courtly arcana and upper arcana.

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