Monday 7th October 2019: Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles is a close cousin to the just merchant whom we encountered in yesterday’s Six of Pentacles, but is even more grounded in his element. He is the humblest of the knights who works with a fiery zeal to nurture and protect the ground of his being. This closeness to the soil, together with the just merchant’s concern for a fair distribution of value, offer an antidote in the world of affairs to the grandiloquent vanity of the builders of the (16) Tower.

In relation to the appearance of the Six and Knight of Pentacles at this time it is worth noting that the Moon has just entered grounded Capricorn, where the theme shifts to responsibilities, working within our limitations and developing discipline in relation to our duties. At the same time the Sun is squaring up to Saturn, the planet of limitations, so the patience that the Knight of Pentacles personifies is also worth cultivating today.

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