Monday 30th March 2020: 4 of Pentacles

This is the first time the Four of Pentacles has appeared in our daily Tarot readings since this blog began on 6th March last year. With the Moon in resourceful and earthy Taurus, our focus is on how to bring our resources into alignment with our inner being. Another way of putting it is that now would a good moment to develop both our inner and outer resources.

In this respect, the Four of Pentacles works well with the Sunday’s King of Cups. Today is not so much a moment of fiery inspiration as of paying attention to our emotional and spiritual side in relation to earthly prudence.

Indeed, today Mars, our fiery and assertive self, is in conjunction with restrictive Saturn. In the context of our arcana for the day, Saturn plays the role of “Wall” in this particular drama, restricting our Mars energy so that the Lunar and Taurian interplay of inner reflection and earthly prudence can express themselves. What does it feel right for you to be prudent about today?

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