Monday 16th December 2019: 3 of Pentacles Reversed

The combination of the solar Ten of Pentacles and lunar Three of Pentacles Reversed points our focus for this week to the material circumstances of our life in relation to how we project ourselves out into the world and how we feel, reflect and think about those circumstances. As the year draws to a close, the combination suggests that we have accumulated a wealth of resources, whether in terms of capital, skills, or possessions, but that we have not been putting them to the most profitable use.

The Three of Pentacles is known as the Lord of Material Works, and is presided over by Mars in Capricorn, a favourable combination when the arcana is upright, but when it appears reversed, as it does today, it suggests that work is not progressing well. I certainly feel that although this has been a good year, I have not made good progress in working on some of my key projects even though material circumstances have improved, as expressed by the combination of the Ten of Pentacles + Three of Pentacles Reversed.

As today is dedicated to the Moon we might reflect upon what the Three of Pentacles Reversed means in relation to the current lunar cycle and also to the Moon in our natal charts. If, for example, like me, your natal Moon is in Virgo or one of the other earth signs (Capricorn or Taurus), then,

you feel most aligned with your inner world when being productive and working towards a goal.

So it is likely that when you do not seem to be making much progress towards specific material goals then you will be feeling somewhat discontented, frustrated or dissatisfied, or perhaps be struck by a sense of ennui, lethargy or melancholia.

Waning Gibbous Moon In Leo & Square Mars

Today the waning gibbous Moon enters fiery Leo which offers some support for our more expressive, lighthearted and playful side mixed in with a sense of gratitude for the all the good things that we have in our life and for the progress that we have made this year in spite of any lack of forward movement on those key projects.

At the same time, the Moon is square with Mars, the planet which presides over the Three of Pentacles. Mars, however, is in Libra, which also contributes to the overturning of any sense of energetic work, for the martian energy is at its weakest in libra. Thus, instead of bullheadedly attempting to “push on” with stalled projects, as the Moon square Mars alignment might usually incite you to do, you would be better served in working with the planetary alignment by taking a step back, re-evaluating your projects and especially the relationships around them; reach out to any of the people involved in your projects and use the festive season as a time to strengthen relationships by having some fun, showing some gratitude and brainstorming for some fresh inspiration and creative ideas.

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