Friday 26th April 2019: 5 of Cups

I had to chuckle when this card turned up this morning because it rather nicely encapsulated my Thursday evening. After a busy day’s teaching I popped into my local “takoyaki” joint for a refreshing beer on my way home. After that I popped into our local supermarket to buy four more beers to see me through the evening. I drank two of them and found myself nodding off at the computer, head at a drooping angle much like our melancholy friend in the 5 of Cups. In this reading of the card, the discarded cups are merely discharging their dregs, although one way of thinking about drinking is as the act of pouring your money down the drain. Be that as it may, I went to bed leaving two unopened beers in the fridge for another day – i.e. this evening!

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