Saturday 27th April 2019: (2) High Priestess

And so the week culminates in the (2) High Priestess marks the domination of fire by water even as the (18) Moon, which is her element, continues to wane. What emerges from the process of applying energy to the contemplative state is a body of writing; for me at least, that has been so in the form of these blog posts.

This week the cards have invited an intense process of meditation and reflection at the expense of my other projects so it is appropriate that the (2) High Priest should appear to confirm that process.

What is it that the (2) High Priestess confirms and reflects back to me at this time is that this process of contemplating and blogging about the Perennial Tarot through the liturgical year and in daily reflections is a rewarding and deeply enriching process, and that if you love doing it you should not worry too much about losing yourself in it even at the expense of other pursuits.

Thus the (2) High Priestess appears to me now as in Plato’s Symposium Diotima appeares to a young Socrates, to teach what the nature of love is, which is indeed fitting in this Liturgical week of the (6) Lovers (for love itself may be seen as a form of “merry war” between the fiery Mars and the watery Venus) when the Liturgical season is that of the fiery (20) Judgement, and the week began with the watery suspension of the (12) Hanged Man.

Easter Week 2019

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