Wednesday 29th May 2019: 3 of Pentacles

The call to keep working seems pretty clear this week! Today the focus is on developing skills in the context of teamwork. Now the “work” may be either what you do for a living, or some other interest or activity that you are developing.

What skills are you working on at this time?

In my case, I have started reading Ask by Ryan Levesque to help me to improve my skills as an Internet marketer.

Chess Study!

I will also spend some time today building up my chess-playing skills and working on opening patterns, and if I have time, the transition to the middle game. Although I will be working alone on this, it is in preparation for a small chess party, or a mini-tournament that I will be attending tomorrow evening along with three other players. We will play and talk through the games afterwards, so in that context the other players and I are both opponents and part of a single team working on improving our skills. If you play chess you may like to check out my other blog, for some tips about how to improve your game.