Wednesday 27th March 2019: 5 of Swords

Stay focused, my friends, on the task in hand. Pick up and shoulder one sword at a time. Pace yourself. Neither procrastinate nor despair if the task seems too much. In the Upper Arcana, (5) The Hierophant shows the two figures in the background seeking a blessing from the high priest after consulting him for direction. Here, back in your everyday life, if only you free yourself from the self indulgence of self-blame and distraction, put on the (9) Hermit‘s cloak with the hood up to keep your focus on the ground before you, you would find that your direction is right here. Take the next step. Pick up the sword in front of you. There is still enough light in the day to get it done.

Morgan Greer 5 of Swords

Remember, in the week of (4) The Emperor you are being called to get up, get out and get active in your own interest, and establish clear boundaries. In the context of the 5 of Swords, the boundary would be related to giving priority to jobs that need to be done and not allowing the complaints or procrastination of others to distract you or sabotage your progress.

To take your meditation on the 5 of Swords deeper, check out The Tatoo’d Spirit’s video:

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