Tuesday 26th March 2019: (1) Magician

Be ever mindful of where you place your focus. You have the power to change your life and reality by changing your mind. Take charge of your thoughts. It takes constant practice to get to the place of (1) The Magician, which is where concentration, by force of habit, becomes effortless. To concentrate, you first need to put on the mantle of (9) The Hermit and withdraw, so as to insulate yourself from the distractions of the outer world and of your nattering thoughts.

Morgan Greer 1 Magician

Without insulation nothing can be concentrated, and without concentration no magic action could be carried out.

The rewards are, the ability to enter the flow state at will, to develop the spontaneous creativity of the master artist, to turn work into play, and to enter the kingdom of heaven as a little child and carry with you in this world the effortless authority of (4) The Emperor in your field of action.

Here is Elliot Adam on what the Magician is telling us:

Today I have been reviewing and editing a paper I wrote a few years ago in order to publish it on another of my blogs. It is a paper about Othello. If ever there is an example of what can happen if you lose control of your own thoughts – if you allow somebody else to take possession of them – it is surely that play.

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