Thursday 3rd September 2020: (7) Chariot

The (7) Chariot is attributed to Cancer, which is ruled by the watery moon. As the Moon enters Pisces she is beginning to wain but still fills the night sky with the reflected light of the sun. The Moon in receptive Pisces is important to us on a soul level, opening us to more peace and tranquility in life and is very supportive of our being receptive towards going with the ebbs and flows of life. This transit is good for imagination and creativity.

Right now Venus is in Cancer and opposite Jupiter, so we need to pay particular attention to that conjunction in the light of our Thursday arcana.

Venus in cancer places an emphasis on valuing emotional connections, creating a protective environment for ourselves and our relationships. Our nurturing and caring side is especially strong at this time, and these tendencies are magnified by the benevolent opposition of Jupiter.

Meanwhile, Mercury is trining Saturn which suggests that our communication be grounded in productivity which suggests something positive for our business transactions. In that light, yesterday’s mercurial arcana, the Six of Pentacles may be seen in a more commercial light. The balance that is alluded to in that arcana is raised to a higher level in the (7) Chariot‘s ability to harness the art of Mercury in reconciling opposing energies. This week’s reconciliation of energies is between those of the light, playful and exploratory energies of the Page of Cups and Page of Pentacles with the deeper motions of Venus-magnified-by-Jupiter, as well as of the Sun in playful and gregarious Leo and the Moon now in deep and receptive Pisces.


Why am I blessed with the intelligence and dexterity to harness the diverse energies of life so they move me forward in a positive direction?

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