Thursday 10th October 2019: King of Swords

With the waxing gibbous Moon now in airy Aquarius, today is an ideal time to commune with the King of Swords and follow his inspiration. What does it mean to follow the inspiration of the King of Swords when the Moon is waxing in Aquarius? Precisely, to understand and convey the emotions inherent in any situation without getting caught up in the emotions themselves. In the conveying of such energies the King of Swords is helped today by the Moon entering into trine with Mercury, the messenger god.

The King of Swords, who is “air of air” in his elemental and courtly offices, brings intellectual and prudential discernment to bear on the emotional outpouring that is celebrated in yesterday’s Three of Cups. In his Aquarian manifestation, therefore, he can articulate the reasons why there is cause for joy or celebration and can offer a philosophical framework to support and justify such outpourings and to harness them for good.

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