Sunday 30th June 2019: 10 of Rods

Today marks both an end and a beginning; the end of June and the beginning of a new week. Sunday is traditionally a day of “rest” from our labours. Today, at the halfway mark of the year, let’s take a moment to “gather up” our labours and review our progress so far. The worker in today’s arcana seems not only to be carrying his load, but to have gathered it fully into himself as if to embrace it. Let us also fully identify with and embrace our labours and turn the works of our hand and brain into the vocation of our life.

Thus, in accordance with this, the Second Week after Trinity – the week in which the (0) Fool visits the arcana of the High Priestess – our work in the manifest world takes on a hidden, spiritual quality so that the “double vision” may be made manifest in and through us.

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