Saturday 6th July: 3 of Rods

The week ends with a sense of waiting for a new opportunity having achieved a certain level of accomplishment.

2nd Week After Trinity

The primary emphasis of this week has been on our work, whether that be as employees, business owners, or on projects or creative endeavours. The 10 of Pentacles alongside the 10 of Rods suggested that our focus is on the material plane, so most likely on success in our work or business, that is to say, material success which gives us the basis from which to project our hopes or receive blessings from the higher plane of being. The 10 of Pentacles can also represent the ideal situation that we are working to achieve, or even that which may be under threat if our efforts fail.

Even so, with the appearance of the (18) Moon at the turn of the week, during the period immediately after the July New Moon, when very little solar light is being reflected onto us from the night sky, spiritual uncertainties, doubts, a perhaps even a sense of loss as seen in Thursday’s 5 of Cups seemed to manifest themselves as the week progressed. However, with the reappearance of the 10 of Rods it was as if we were being reminded to stick with it and stay focused on the task in hand, and to see out the week with a sense of accomplishment and a readiness to move on to new opportunities (3 of Rods) as the (18) Moon waxes through the next couple of weeks of the month.

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