Saturday 22nd February 2020: 9 of Rods

The Nine of Rods is ruled by the Moon in Sagittarius. It should be noted that Saturn, to whom Saturday is dedicated, is currently in Sagittarius, and we are now in the New Moon phase of the lunar cycle. The Moon is transiting through Capricorn today and the actual sidereal New Moon will take place in Aquarius.

Thus, we end the week where we began. We began with the Sun in Aquarius and a backward-looking solar King of Rods and we end with the Moon passing through Capricorn to Aquarius and a backward looking warrior in the lunar Nine of Rods. The Moon is emptying herself out. Saturn is sitting heavily on the expansive tendencies of Sagittarius. Today our doughty warrior takes a stand with patience, discipline and a sense of responsibility in earthy Capricorn. He can drive his palisade of stakes into the earth here and take a stand to see out the final hours of the old lunar month.

Morgan Greer 9 of Rods

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