Monday 9th March 2020: 7 of Pentacles

Today we have the Full Moon in sidereal and expressive Leo, and our arcana for today, the Seven of Pentacles, is ruled by Saturn in Taurus. We see a farmer pausing in the midst of his labour to look back at what has been achieved so far. It may be that the crop does not seem to be growing as well or as fast as it could, for this arcana has been named the Lord of Unfulfilled Success; that is, the work that has been put in may well be bearing fruit, but the farmer does not necessarily have a feeling of success.

As Ellen Goldberg notes, where the Seven of Pentacles is well dignified, it is often the case that we are not seeing what has been attained; we may be doing much better than we realize. It would behove us to tap into the leonine Full Moon energy along with the idealism of Neptune, which is opposite the Moon, to establish in our hearts what our true values and intentions are, and to let go of setbacks, negative feelings or self reproach. As Athen Chimenti puts it,

Leo really is about that dignified energy of expressing ourselves and also cultivating the things that we are proud of or are close to our hearts.

Athen Chimenti,

The Daily Stoic Reading for 9th March

Today’s reading in The Daily Stoic nicely ties in with our despondant farmer. It may be that things are not growing so fast because he is spending too much time in the wrong company. He needs to find the right scene, and get advice from the experts in the field who can show him how to get better yields for his time and effort:

“Above all, keep a close watch on this – that you are never so tied to your former acquaintances and friends that you are pulled down to their level. If you don’t, you’ll be ruined. … You must choose whether to be loved by these friends and remain the same person, or to become a better person at the cost of those friends… if you try to have it both ways you will neither make progress nor keep what you once had.”

Epictetus, Discourse, 4.2.1; 4-5, quoted in The Daily Stoic, p. 79

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