Monday 6th May 2019: Ace of Swords

The fiery influence of the (16) Tower, (14) Temperance and to a lesser degree the Knight of Pentacles, which preceded the Ace of Swords, gains energy from the Ace of Swords while the Ace of Swords itself calls upon us to bring intellectual energy to the question raised by those preceding arcana.

What we can take from this is that the intellect itself must needs be tempered by constant exposure to the opposition of fire and water of (14) Temperance, rather than calcified by insulating itself from those forces as in the (16) Tower.

So whatever the challenge may be that you are faced with, be sure to bring to it the intellectual energy of the Ace of Swords, or in other words, let the Ace of Swords inspire you to face the challenge posed by the juxtaposition of (14) Temperance and the (16) Tower head on with all the analytical power you can muster.

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