Monday 13th July 2020: (11) Justice

Saturn, the Lord of Karma, is exalted in Libra the constellation that is ruled by Venus and associated with the balance of (11) Justice. Here we learn that our present life is a reflection of what we have been and done hitherto and that what we do today matters because it will shape our future.

Yesterday, under a magnified solar influence we contemplated how this week our focus is on being guided by the Divine inner light. Today, our reading of (11) Justice is guided by and informs the more ethereal and waning light of the Moon. The Moon is still in Pisces, emphasizing soulfulness and receptivity to the inner voice, an opening for intuitions of the darker realms of the subconscious. Thus, the teaching of (11) Justice that what we do today impacts the future includes in that process of “doing” the reflective side of making ourselves open to ourselves and acknowledging and seeking to accept and integrate the shadow side of ourselves, which is what I wish to emphasize in today’s affirmation.


This affirmation is for the arcana of (11) Justice when it is appears on a Monday:

I am shaping my future through the decisions and actions that I take and am becoming aware of my unconscious patterns of behaviour so that I may acknowledge them and change them for the better.

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