Friday 5th April 2019: Page of Rods

The Page of Rods is often seen as a symbol of eagerness or enthusiasm prior to action; the page appears to be measuring up his staff, but he has not yet crossed the distant mountains.

The Page of Rods combines the elements of earth and fire, and,

when fire is grounded and stable, the energy can be put to practical use.

Suzanne Wagner

The Page of Wands in Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Deck is actually a princess. Here is Suzanne Wagner’s interpretation of the Princess of Wands:

In the context of this, the fourth week of Lent 2019, it is the passivity of the Pages (as compared to the dynamism of the Knights for example) reinforced by that of the 4 of Cups and the (4) Emperor which should be emphasized; the energetic potential Ace of Rods that appeared on Wednesday is latent in the Page of Rods.

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