Thursday 4th April 2019: (4) Emperor

The word “Emperor” happens to be the topic of Emperor Marcus Aurelius’ meditation in The Daily Stoic for 4th April. I quote here the translation by George Long because it avoids the use of the word “saintly,” which is used in The Daily Stoic and seems anachronistic to me. Long uses the word “serious” which nicely reflects the dedication of Marcus Aurelius to the office of Emperor which he unwillingly occupied:

Take care that thou art not made into a Caesar, that thou art not dyed with this dye; for such things happen. Keep thyself then simple, good, pure, serious, free from affectation, a friend of justice, a worshipper of the gods, kind, affectionate, strenuous in all proper acts. Strive to continue to be such as philosophy wished to make thee.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 6:30, translated by George Long

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