Friday 31st January 2020: 10 of Pentacles

The couple in the Ten of Pentacles are celebrating their mutual love through the enjoyment of earthly wealth and the pleasures it affords. The banners over them are Love, and each “Five of Pentacles” reminds them that each would be poor without the other and that each sacrifices for the other.

Today, being a Friday, is also dedicated to Venus, the daughter of Jupiter and Juno, while our earthy arcana is dedicated to Mercury in Virgo, as, in part, is the Queen of Swords whose arcana appeared yesterday. Mercury brings imaginative understanding and intelligent or insightful communion to the couple, while Venus brings a moist sensuality, sexuality and fertility.

Thus, today at least, there is some respite from, or resolution of, the uncertainties of the middle of the week.

If we look again we will note that the (21) World immediately manifested as the Ace of Swords, that is, of the Word, not yet made flesh, but pregnant with intellectual potential. We then passed through the creative uncertainties of the two sevens into which the World can be divided. We come now to the Queen of Swords and the 10 of Pentacles which offer a creative resolution of Intellect working upon matter.

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