Thursday 30th January 2020: Queen of Swords

After the equivocation of the two sevens, the Queen of Swords, whom Alistair Crowley called the “Liberator of the Mind,” calls us back to a state of clarity. Her sword will cut through uncertainties and frustrations, or find a way to work around or reschedule or set aside what cannot be concluded today in order to keep us moving forward with whatever can keep us progressing towards our goal. As Henry Ho points out, the Queen of Swords is the “watery part of air” that finds its place in Virgo, ruled by Mercury, and Libra:

Virgo ruled by Mercury gives her the ability to memorize and observe phenomena accurately; Libra then brings order to the knowledge and gives it form.

Henry Ho, Tarot and the Path of Initiation, p. 208

Today the Queen of Swords is well dignified and her clarity of vision is magnified in Jupiter, so in the context of this week, she is a great help in bringing the inspiration of the Ace of Rods to the task of manifesting our integral nature through the projects we are attempting to carry off or the skills we are seeking to cultivate.

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