Friday 28th June 2019: 5 of Pentacles

The upturned yellow pentacle of the (15) Devil arcana which we encountered yesterday has now been turned back into the upright position and restored to red again, that is the selfish energy of the repressed shadow and the effort of presenting a bright persona are “overturned” and reintegrated with the 5 of Pentacles as part of a process of full-bloodedly caring for the self, of loving oneself so that one may love others as oneself. Depending on the context in which it appears, the 5 of Pentacles may be calling you to take care of yourself, your body, mind or soul, to heal yourself, or to take care of others if you have the resources to do so; or it may be calling upon you to embrace a state of relative “poverty” at this time and to keep pushing on.

Self Care with Gatsby During the Summer Heat!

The other day one of my Japanese colleagues was chatting to another colleague about “Gatsby” and I asked her what it was as I didn’t think she was talking about the protagonist of Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby. She told me about a Japanese “deoderant body paper” product called “Gatsby” which people use to cool down and clean up while out and about during the sweaty months of a humid Japanese summer. Later she sent me this amusing video demo of Gatsby:

So when I came across some Gatsby products in my local Yamada Denki store today, I just had to get them as part of my “self care” program in the spirit of today’s arcana!

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