Wednesday 16th October 2019: (0) Fool

This morning my cousin posted a new profile picture on her Facebook page and it made me chuckle as I realised that we had this in common, that neither of us seems to have “grown up” if by that is meant the folly of taking life seriously and the eschewing ludicity.

My cousin identifies with Tinkerbell and here is her current profile pic:


Two verses from one of the Tinkerbell songs go like this:

Come away with me now to the sky
Up all the hills and the sea
Far beyond where memories lie
To a place where I’m free to be me

Oh, gather it now one and all
No matter what folly may do
Let the stars fill your soul, when the moon cradles all
So, to yourself be true

Disney Movies, Tinkerbell

The lyrics are apt for this, the seventeenth week after Trinity, a week that is dedicated to the arcana of the (17) Star and in which we have been enjoying the full moon as it passes from Pisces through Aries and now into Taurus.

The (17) Star is the gentle arcana of flourishing; its light and its airy element are both soft and nurturing as well of our earthly state as of our psyche and imagination. The last few daily tarot cards confirm the playful and imaginative spirit that has been manifesting through this week, in the light of which, we see today’s manifestation of the (0) Fool in his positive aspect. This is the (0) Fool who is open to all that life has to offer, which may carry you beyond the familiar home soil and the boundaries of what you know, and who may manifest today in the form of Tinkerbell if you are alive to the playful spirit that this day offers!

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