Tuesday 6th August 2019: 7 of Swords

Although you may not know the outcome, you must take action and keep your wits about you. A good model for that is David sneaking into King Saul’s camp at night and stealing some of his gear. There are many such stories of leaders disguising themselves and venturing into the enemy camp at night. It may be that some dissimulation is necessary to success.

On the other hand, since the outcome is uncertain, there may be lessons to learn from your mistakes or failure to bring your project off to a successful conclusion. What is certain, however, is that the biggest failure would be to do nothing at all.

Sometimes the sword stealer can be another person who is impinging upon your mental space, undermining your confidence, or stealing your time and attention. Or the five shadowy swords that the thief seems to be carrying may in fact be the barbed comments of mental poisoners which you are carrying as excess baggage.

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