Thursday 27th February 2020: (13) Death

A bit of a shocker to draw this arcana on the day that a friend who I have not seen for 23 years is visiting. And yet, it is also most appropriate. Much has “passed” since we last saw each other. Today, also, there is an apprehension of death in the air as the Corona virus panic spreads across Japan. But what I noticed most today was the sense that because life is short and is – or should be, if we open our eyes to the state of things – lived in the face of (13) Death that there is in the present moment a terrible and fragile beauty. It was apt, also, that my friend spoke of spending his remaining days not working too hard but instead travelling and doing those things that are personally fulfilling to him.

Thus the resolute acceptance of (13) Death can also become a highly motivating state of mind to be in, as Gary V understands:

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