Thursday 23rd January 2020: 10 of Pentacles

As I mentioned yesterday, it is as if Mercury and Jupiter are in collusion. Yesterday we had a jovial arcana appear on the day dedicated to Mercury. Today we have a mercurial arcana appearing on the day dedicated to Jupiter. I also noted that the Nine of Cups Reversed was not negative although it was rather challenging; the challenge was to find the message that Mercury was conveying through it, and we had to go about to do it.

Today, we have the confirmation that it is all fair sailing if we keep our wits about us. The Ten of Pentacles is known as the Lord of Wealth and is ruled by Mercury exalted in Virgo.

Appearing as it does on a Thursday, we find the positive energy of this arcana magnified by the influence of Jupiter. Jupiter is currently occupying the eighth house of death and personal transformation. What we see today are the fruits of the personal transformation that has been incubating for a while now, certainly since the turn of the year and the first lunar eclipse of the decade.

Today, with the New Moon, a new phase of life begins. We acknowledge with the Nine of Cups Reversed that nothing is constant except change itself and we have learned to take pleasure in the process and in the ephemeral nature of life here below. We pass with mindful joy beneath the arch into a new manifestation of life.

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