Saturday 1st June 2019: 5 of Cups

Melancholia has really set in now through this period of the waning moon between Ascension Day and Pentecost. The sense of self-recrimination we mentioned yesterday has turned into sad feelings about losses incurred in the past, or missed opportunities or of stupid, careless, aggressive and thoughtless things we may have done to others in the past. Again, during this season of kenosis – the emptying out of the old moon, it is very likely that such thoughts and feelings may predominate and it is not unreasonable to spend some time “wallowing” in them, provided that in indulging yourself you also forgive yourself. Use this time as a period to look at those things that you do not want in your life, and also consider the blessings that are present. Beware especially of comparing yourself to others who “seem” better off than you at this time. You are your own work of genius and in no way comparable to another.

Notice also that the tide is higher today than it was yesterday, and the castle that seemed so dark and dominating behind the bound woman of the 8 of Swords turns out to be an uninhabited ruin which nature is busy reclaiming. The past only exists in your imagination though you may feel the effects of imprudent past actions present in your life today, what you have is the option of turning around, taking up the cups of blessings and letting your past self die so that a newly created present self may live.

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