Monday 30th September 2019: 2 of Pentacles

The last time the Two of Pentacles appeared was last month, during the August New Moon in the tenth week after Trinity, which is presided over by the (10) Hanged Man. Today, the moon is beginning to wax into a crescent as it emerges from the New Moon phase, and we are of course in the fifteenth week after Trinity during which we are confronted by the arcana of the (15) Devil. Coincidentally, I happened to draw the (15) Devil card yesterday as well, so it is the arcana that marks the start of the new week. So, whereas in August we considered the Two of Pentacles in the light of the (10) Hanged Man, today we must consider it from the shadowy perspective of the (15) Devil.

Paul Chek on Enlightening Your Shadow

Yesterday, I posted a video by Paul Chek to illustrate the process of enlightening the shadow-self as a process of exorcising the (15) Devil and transforming that energy. That was the first of a two-part series, and it seems to me that the arcanum of the Two of Pentacles with its twin circles and the flow of energy between them, rather like the flow of yin and yang, is the ideal arcanum to preside over the second of Paul Check’s videos in which he takes us through the polarities of consciousness. The point is that the material manifestation of our lives is preceded by the psychic or unconscious realm where our shadow side lurks and if we are to reach new levels of development we must inquire into the polarities within our own soul, the dark as well as the light.

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