Tuesday 24th September 2019: 5 of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles has manifested at the beginning and end of the Open Chess Tournament which has preoccupied me for the last three days. This is also a hectic week of work and then social activities in the evenings so the Five of Pentacles may represent the body’s call for rest and recuperation. The Sun is currently in the earthy sign of Virgo along with Mercury, Venus and Mars, and the Moon will shortly join them in the New Moon phase at the weekend. The large context is on creating improvements in our life, gaining energy with the (1) Sun, healing our relationships with (2) Venus, thinking constructively with (3) Mercury, taking positive action with (4) Mars and creating some space in our live as the (5) New Moon approaches and enters grounded Virgo. For more information see Athen’s video below:

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