Thursday 16th May 2019: Queen of Rods

The Queen of Rods is the essence of architypical feminine energy that takes delight in being empowered and released upon the world and in unapologetically following its own inspiration.

If you are reading it as a woman, give yourself over to this energy today; if as a man, find a way to absorb this energy into yourself by associating with fun-loving and energetically playful women. If you don’t know any, then I offer you Morning Musume as a tonic and example of the kind of feminine energy I am talking about:

Another good example of feminine “yin” energy is Beyoncé that you might want to absorb today; notice how highly charged the opening sequence is with sunlit “Queen of Rods” energy.

Incidentally, back in February I wrote on another blog about the Queen of Rods in the context of Saint Brigid’s Day and the feasts of Imbolic and Candlemas, and the Celtic goddess Brigit.

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