Sunday 30th August 2020: (19) Sun

Here we are on the 12th Sunday after Trinity with the sidereal sun still in Leo, the solar blessings of which are augmented by the appearance of the (19) Sun this morning. When the (19) Sun appears in Leo, especially on a sunny Sunday, we can bathe in the energy and vitality which it shines upon us and draws from us.

Let us therefore focus this week on the gifts of the diurnal Sun pours upon us, the gifts of energy and vitality, and let us put those gifts to good work in the pursuit of our goals and in spreading good cheer to all those who are around us or who cross our path, that we may be to them as the sun is to us.


This affirmation, in the form of a question, as advocated by Noah St. John, is for the diurnal (19) Sun when it is drawn on a sunny Sunday when the sidereal sun is in Leo:

Why does the sun pour so much energy and vitality into me?

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