Monday 31st August 2020: Page of Cups

The Page of Cups appears on a Monday, which is dedicated to the Moon, the inconstant and feminine planet of changes, emotions and instincts. Today the sidereal moon is in Capricorn and waxing towards the Full Moon in Aquarius in the middle of the week. It is at the height of its energy cycle and informed with the light and warmth of the Sun, as we saw yesterday when the (19) Sun itself appeared on a Sunday when the sidereal sun is in Leo.

The watery aspect of the moon is somewhat in abeyence when thus influenced by the solar energies of the Sun in Leo and the earthy seriousness of Capricorn. The earthy element of the Page of Cups is therefore merely moist, not drowned by the watery element of the suit. Perhaps thats why the fish is popping his head out of the cup as if to say, “Hey there’s not much water to swim in here!”

The Moon in Capricorn can see us focusing on the serious structures of life – our plans and how we organize our life – but that serious-mindedness is mitigated by the ludic creativity of the Page of Cups and the gregarious energy of the Sun in Leo, so today seems like a good day to pursue your goals or arrangements with a light-hearted, experimental playfulness that imagines new possibilities or seeks to see things in a new light.


Why am I so full of imaginative power and playful creativity?

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