Monday 25th November 2019: 7 of Swords

The Seven of Swords last appeared as the moon was waning gibbous in Taurus eleven days ago. Today the waning crescent of the moon has almost completely declined into complete darkness as we prepare for tomorrow’s New Moon in sidereal Scorpio. The ruling planet of the Seven of Swords is the Moon in unfavourably intellectual Aquarius, so today, the day dedicated to the Moon we have a lunar card appearing on the last day of the Balsamic phase of the lunar cycle.

In this phase of the lunar cycle it is best to release those things that we intended to, but did not, cultivate. You can see them in the arcana of the Seven of Swords as shadowy swords seeming to pierce the mind of the shifty fellow. Release them now and let them go. There is nothing to be gained in holding on to them or fretting over what ought to have been. Release them and make room for the new lunar cycle.

Take care this week that the dynamic solar energy when confronted by the choices offered by yesterday’s Seven of Cups does not become enmeshed in the uncertainty, instability, and insecurity of the Seven of Swords during this phase of the lunar cycle. With the Moon currently in sidereal Scorpio we should perhaps notice that the sword-stealer is actually revealed in the full light of day for Scorpio is apt to penetrate the hidden depths and expose them.

This is a somewhat tricky week to navigate as there is a lot going on and a lot of room for secrets to be accidentally given away. So I must once again emphasise the importance of focusing on the Collect for Stir-up Sunday and pray that our wills be stirred up so that they may be equal to any unexpected situation that occurs in the lively round of

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