Sunday 24th November 2019: 7 of Cups

The Seven of Cups offers us so many good things as we conclude the cycle of the liturgical year and prepare for Advent in the shadows of tomorrow’s New Moon. Here in Japan we are entering the “boonenkai” season when just about every business, education or social group one is associated with throws a “year end party” to celebrate the completion of the year.

For me too, the festivities kick off this week with my first “boonenkai” of the season, and then on Thursday the last private “chess party” of the year.

The potential for scattered and unstable desires, and also of gifts and surprises is very great indeed this week. The Seven of Cups is influenced by Venus in Scorpio (which is ruled by Mars). Venus occupies Scorpio in my natal chart too, so this arcana holds a special significance for me whenever it sets the tone for the week, as it does today.

The Sun Enters Scorpio

Indeed it is also significant that the sidereal Sun is now in Scorpio too. In this time of shadows, when the Moon has emptied herself of solar light, the deep, moist mysteries of the subconscious realm come strongly into play offering all sorts of sensual urges, delights and phantasms.

It is therefore apt that the Collect for this week should call for the stirring up of our wills so that they may bring forth good fruit, which is to say, that they might purposefully pursue and realise the good gifts of Venus.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter

Today, Venus happens to conjunct Jupiter in Ophiuchus and later this week in Sagittarius. In Ophiuchus, Venus is all roses and thorns, magnified in a favourable degree by her proximity to Jupiter.

With Jupiter entering Sagittarius on Tuesday (here in Japan) things get much more favourable and expansive, and joined by Venus favours expansive relationships, so on balance the variety that is on offer is favourable this week provided you keep your will stirred up and alert.

Mars Opposing Uranus

I mentioned that Mars is the ruler of Scorpio so I should mention that today Mars is in opposition to Uranus, which can be a difficult and at times explosive combination, so let your wills be stirred up in the direction of peace so as to control the fireworks that Mars v Uranus and Venus in Ophiuchus can set off…

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