Monday 25th May 2020: 7 of Cups

Emotions, according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb, are lubricants of reason. We need to feel in order to choose. Emotions give us the energy to do so. The Seven of Cups is ruled by Venus in Scorpio, which is itself governed by Mars. The Venus-Mars conjunction leads to conflicting urges or desires as the first fruits of success begin to manifest themselves. Thus, what is needed this week is a careful balance of the lunar and solar energies, the Seven of Cups needs to be balanced by the Four of Cups. That will give you the stability and quietude to contemplate the various desires of the heart as suggested by today’s arcana.

Since this arcana is ruled by Venus, it is worth pointing out that Venus is currently retrograde in Taurus, which she governs, so the energy is available for a reworking or reprocessing of our values, desires, assets and relationships.

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