Sunday 24th May 2020: 4 of Cups

Gratuitious giving from the beneficence of Jupiter who rules Chesed, the pillar of mercy on the Kabbalistic tree of life, which is where the number Four is found. Fours are all about order, solidity and stability. The Four of Cups is attributed to the Moon in Cancer which has a yearning quality about it, a longing and a lack of action – either resting or over indulging in those long afternoon naps LOL! – amid the blessings of life.

This arcana seems rather apt in this week between the Ascension and Pentecost. In my work life, it is the last full week when I will be teaching all my college students via the Internet. From the beginning of June regular face-to-face classes will resume. The cloud definitely has a silver lining, or a cup of blessing that has been offered, and for the next few days I need to focus on those blessings and enjoy any quiet moment that I can, drawing on the New Moon in Taurus to keep my resourcefulness in view.

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