Monday 24th August 2020: Page of Pentacles

Saint Paul tells us that the first man, our Adamic nature, is “of the earth, earthy.” The Page of Pentacles is the very essence of “earthy earth” as both Pages and Pentacles partake of that element.

Pages are also symbolic of the first stages of human development, a time when we are at home in the things of the earth and are only just beginning to develop towards and reach out for the greater world beyond.

The Page of Pentacles wears a red hat which is again suggestive of his passionate Adamic nature. The feather in the Morgan Greer depiction suggests that there is also an airy quality to this most earthy of arcana, which reminds us that Adamic man is not only earthy, but formed of the breath of God:

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Genesis 2: 7

This Adam is made, according to the first chapter of Genesis, in the image and after the likeness of God. What this implies is beautifully expressed in a Qabalistic reading of the text in The Cipher of Genesis by Carlo Suarès:

“Adam” is Aleph immersed in blood, but this blood is not “all-absorbing”; it can become “cosmically fruitful”, which means that the human body can come to radiate cosmic energy. The scheme for man (Adam) is Aleph (1), Dallet (4), Mem (40 or 600). The fact that Mem final can be 40 (i.e. resistance) and can leap to 600 (i.e. cosmic fertility) indicates the vast range of possibilities in man. The true vocation of man is the transfiguration of 40 into 600.

Carlo Suarès, The Cipher of Genesis, p. 97

Today, with the Quarter Moon in Libra, the passionate curiosity of the Page of Pentacles comes to us as a challenge: to be open to new things and to see how they can be integrated into our lives in a balanced and harmonious way.


I am open to exploring new things while maintaining balance in my life this week.

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