Monday 1st June 2020: 9 of Swords

Four hundred and fifty three days after I began this blog, after having pulled one arcana per day of the Morgan Greer Deck, the 78th arcana finally shows up for the first time. Now we’ve seen all 78 arcana in the upright position.

The Nine of Swords, Mars in Gemini, is the arcana of mental stress, of being in thrall to the endless yapping of the mind, or, since there is a strong lunar influence on this arcana, it represents the breaking in of the shadows of the subconscious which overpower and oppress us.

Clearly there is a lot of restless mental energy in play this week with the solar Page of Swords and now the lunar Nine of Swords.

Care must be taken with Gemini as Mercury is there in his domicile right now and giving great impetus to mental processes, for good or ill.

Happily, both the sun and moon are in practical earthy signs right now, so at this stage of the week, we should pay attention to our thoughts and keep them grounded and focussed on practical and constructive matters. This week is definitely a time to step back from too much engagement with social media and the news channels. Take some time out for meditation too, if you can.

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