Monday 1st April 2019: Queen of Swords

The keyword to hold in mind when the Queen of Swords appears in your life is, “CLARITY.” She will spell things out for you and establish boundaries in no uncertain terms. She will state the case for you in an objective, no nonsense, direct, and clearly articulated manner. She will be sharp and prickly if her boundaries and priorities are not respected.

She is often seen to be alone, like (9) The Hermit, and also the fellow in the 4 of Cups who appeared yesterday, setting the tone for the week. But whereas (9) The Hermit withdraws into the wilderness, and the “Green Man” in the 4 of cups conceals himself in the wild wood, the Queen of Swords is independent and self-motivated; her loneliness is that of one who is engaged in the affairs of the world and she is much more dynamic as she is full of intellectual initiative; she may be surrounded by people, but she retains her self-possession. It is the cuttings from the rose that blooms in her breast that bloom around her; for she is an influencer and she is aware of the influence she wields over others.

If (3) The Empress who presides over the week commencing with the 4th Sunday in Lent is a manifestation of the heavenly Jerusalem, the Divine Sophia that is “mother of us all” it is in the form of the Queen of Swords that she manifests in the conscious mind in the form of reason and clarity of thought.

Today is the beginning of the 2nd quarter of the year. What are you aiming to achieve in this quarter? What are the boundaries you will need to set to achieve your goals? What is the price you will have to pay, not just financially, but in time and attention, in giving up other activities and pursuits to devote more time and energy to the goals you have set for yourself. These are the kind of questions you must answer when the Queen of Swords appears.

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