Tuesday 19th March 2019: 9 of Cups

Love to see this happy chappy pop up every time! Let us enjoy the fullness that life has to offer; yes, it is Lent, but a little indulgence here and there will help us through! Friar Tuck has hung up his (9) Hermit’s garb and is dressed up for a party. Life is good. We are satisfied, perhaps a little too self-satisfied, and our self indulgence may lead to satiation. Still, this is a good place to rest for a while, but don’t get stuck here, and do not forget that a deeper happiness in life comes from serving others, so make sure you share the good things that you have and invite others to your party.

Here are some wise words from our man, The Tatoo’d Spirit on the topic of the 9 of Cups:

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