Saturday 7th December 2019: Page of Swords

Coming at the end of a week in which heart and mind seem to have been struggling with each other, the Page of Swords, modified by Saturn, seems to offer hope of slow but steady transformation into a more positive balance. It is as if the Psyche has been on a journey of transformation through the planets this week culminating with her journey through the Eight of Cups, where Venus kept her close to the waters of emotion and receptivity while Saturn narrowed her path.

Today she emerges as the Page (or Princess in the Thoth Tarot) of Swords, air grounded in Capricorn and under the guidance of Saturn. The leaden sense of being stuck, whether on the mental plane with the Eight of Swords, or on the material plane with the Seven of Pentacles, may now give way to a fresher and stronger dynamic as we enter a new week and the waxing moon is about to head into dynamic Aries… That at least is what we need to focus on.

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