Saturday 16th November 2019: Knight of Cups

The week concludes as it began, in the court of Cups, but now with our questing Knight looking beyond the confines of this week, and indeed, questing with Saturn for deeper truths. With Saturn in expansive Sagittarius the Knight of Cups is all about developing a sense of commitment towards long-term planning or foresight for the things that we care most deeply about.

With the solar King of Cups and lunar Page of Cups at the beginning of the week, and the sequence of reversed Rods, Seven of Swords and Ten of Pentacles Reversed, the Knight’s quest is focused more on achieving, attaining or developing those things that he loves in the world of work and possessions rather than an inner spiritual quest although the quality of what it is he loves and seeks after in the outer world is a manifestation of his soul, the playful lunar Page of Cups.

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