Thursday 8th August 2019: (19) Sun

Six minutes and fifty seconds into his monologue on the (16) Sun arcana in the YouTube video I have posted below, Swamiji Nisarg describes the wall behind the figures as being all that remains of the (16) Tower with which this week began. Here is what he says about the process of transformation from (16) Tower to (19) Sun:

The Sun card represents enlightenment. It represents that first stage of enlightenment which is enlightenment that is now liberated from the personality but still within the individuality. It’s the personal enlightenment, the enlightenment of the individual. Enlightenment has come to the individual as a person and so now they see that their personality was actually an illusion. It was a mask that they had on them that now they can take off; they can change it. It’s a shadow now only of what was once a cage of consciousness, that Tower that kept you trapped and that you thought for the longest time was supposed to keep you safe but really it was keeping you prisoner, has now become this wall that you can traverse easily back and forth.

Swamiji Nisarg

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