Monday 20th May 2019: Ace of Cups

For me, when I draw the Ace of Cups it reminds me that my cup overflows with blessings no matter what the day delivers. And so when and if something trying comes up, it is good to remember that on this day you drew the Ace of Cups and to meet the world from a standpoint of blessedness.

In my case, I caught the train out of town to teach a business class. There was torrential rain during the afternoon which knocked out a couple of trains causing me to have to wait for 50 minutes at the station for the next train to take me back home. Torrential rain seemed to me to be appropriate for the Ace of Cups, and at the same time the Ace of Cups helped me to maintain a relaxed and reconciled attitude to the situation. Actually, it was quite relaxing hanging out at the station enjoying some enforced leisure until the empty train pulled into the station. No problem getting a seat. A nice quiet train ride home, and all was well.

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