Thursday 2nd May 2019: 5 of Cups

For my part the 5 of Cups appearing this morning is expressive of the lingering sense I had over the last day or so that it would have been better to have returned home (as I had intended) on the last tram after the games party of Tuesday night. Instead, I went with the flow of the party spirit in the bar where I had been playing chess all evening.

As a result, I missed the last tram (-), had a chat with an old aquaintance (+), had a beer stolen by some cheapskate (-), stumbled around to a couple of old late-night haunts to see if they were open after the bar I was in had closed for the night (-). Finding them both shut I caught a taxi home (+/-), which at least got me home around 3am instead of around 6am or 7am so I had a few hours to sleep off the excesses of the evening and tap into the intellectual energy bestowed by the Ace of Swords to create a chess video.

So, although yesterday was certainly a rather more subdued day, I cannot say that I was too hang-dog about the negatives of Tuesday, which were far outweighed by the positives for the greater part of the evening; the positive energy of the first four arcana of the week continues to buoy us up.

The two cups that remain unspilled point to the two remaining parties that I’m committed to attending this Golden Week: Today’s Gyoza and World Beer Festa in the old Hiroshima Citizen’s Baseball Ground, and tomorrow’s trip to the brewery on Miyajima Island, just a short trip down the tram line and across the water not much wider than the channel between the mainland and the island in the Morgan Greer illustration of the 5 of Cups.

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